Hello guys sorry for not being around for a VERY LONG time. yes, final semester of degree is holding me tightly so, I was basically juggling between business, studies and social networking.
Speaking about the new direction, I had this crazy thought of changing my direction in blogging. Instead of blogging about my travels in English, I am going to feed up my own community of Malay-speaking blogger (regardless of your ethnic community) with all my travel stories in Malay Language, which is my mother tongue! Not that im doing this because of my english in-competitiveness, but I personally think this medium still lack of INFORMATIVE and USEFUL knowledge-based blogosphere.
Therefore, I will stand tall and proud saying that from now onward, beginning Feb 2011, all my blogs will be written in Malay Language, in the simplest, and most relaxing style. Having trouble to understand? No worry, Google will help u with its embedded translation. Just make sure you use Chrome, allright?
Hope to see u guys around! Adios!

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