Hold On! Hey, no guys, Im not leaving anywhere at the moment, at least not within this few weeks. *chuckles*

A’ight, let me explain it first ok? Am saying goodbye to my old gear, Acer Aspire 5044 laptop.

This chap has served me really well all this while. I learned C Programming, dating online (not to be count Facebook! Like Duh), getting connected with people, edited my photography assignments and everything. But now, with some sorts of screen display problem, overheating, wifi disability and graphic card malfunction I can’t put my scrutiny weeks on risk. So Im sending this chap back to Acer service centre in Kota Bharu and apparently my dad know someone there that can skip the bureaucratic ‘procedures’ that one has to abide before getting their laptop back in two pieces (or maybe in few pieces. lol. I don’t know)

So right now, Im using my mum’s cute laptop, which is also an ACER laptop. It’s ASPIRE 2930. I can’t deny how handy it is ‘cuz we are talking bout 12.1” WXGA LCD equipped laptop. I don’t know why my family has some kind loyalty upon ACER laptop, although my laptop turned me down and it was not the first case I’ve ever heard of such grievance.

There’s likely, I’ll get back the laptop within a month or two, and keep using it until it totally jammed out one day. OR I might move on and get a new contender/platform to suffice my current crave for faster multimedia process, portability, tight photography deadline and multitasks machine. Does anyone foresee the invasion of the ‘white’ side to my directory soon? Hoho *hint: a type of fruit ( _ _ _ _ _ )*

To photographer reader, Im not talking bout the white lenses line-up from Canon, ok.
I’m still a proud Nikon advance entry-level DSLR user though! *winks*

I can smell the iMac or MacBook making their way home, sooner or later. Only time will tell. Oh heck, I still wanna go to Bali this summer! Grrr….

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