Hazwan’s experience in Halle

My whole new life started on the different path and pace after I said “YES, I do” to AIESEC GIP in Halle as a student trainee. I was beforehand informed thoroughly about my internship, roles, job descriptions and expectations with OR Soft J√§nicke GmbH, a technocrat enterprise located in Merseburg. The company customizely designs advance resource planning softwares according to the specification requested by the clients. I am assigned to be an assistance for Quality Assurance and working on project basis. I officially started my work with the company on 1st of September 2011.
What truly amazes me about the working culture in this company is that everybody is very welcoming and always willing to share their knowledges and informations whenever you need one. On top of that, one major point worth mentioning here is that the company is running like a family structure, whereby we have morning breakfast meeting everyday. During this meeting, everyone will seat in the eating hall right at 10am everyday with coffee or tea in hand, while listening to updates and announcements by fellow colleagues. This whole new experience is very new to myself and it’s a good working culture in my personal view. Besides that, the company working hour is pretty flexible and I am given the choice to start my work anytime before 10am and ending it anytime after 2pm, as long as I complete my total working hours of a week. This gives me flexibility to work according to my preferable and productive hours, which I truly appreaciate.
Apart from an exciting working life with OR Soft, living in Halle is also part of my exciting experience in Germany so far. Well connected on national train connection and having neighbouring airport with Leipzig, travelling out and into Halle is very easy and convenience.Hence whenever I have a long weekend or holiday, I will always find “SparSchein” deals by train and airplane to some other locations around Germany. So far I have been to Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Amsterdam, London and the list goes on one after another. Other than city abroad, I have also visited beautiful cities in Germany such as Potsdam, Dresden, Munich and so much more. My stay in Halle has really satisfy my crave for travels, which slowly becoming my hobby quite lately. Whenever I’m not travelling, I will spend my time doing reading and hanging out with local friends who are always willing to accompany for atleast a sip of coffee in a cafe in Market Square.
In general, I can summarize that my life in Halle as an AIESEC trainee is quite exciting and I strongly recommend youths and students out there to explore this opportunity and experience themselves too, in another country. This could be your life-changing experience which you will remember for your whole entire life!
By Hazwan Hashim
Halle-Saale, Germany
Hey guys! Jangan bimbang, aku belum tukar direction balik ke English writing. Just nak share artikel yg aku tulis dengan iPad aku untuk AIESEC Halle punye partners. Artikel ni dah dialih bahas ke bahasa Jerman untuk bacaan partners AIESEC dan jugak Board of Supporters to give them an idea of how AIESEC trainee in Halle lives their life, and how THEY CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the potential trainee life when they say YES to AIESEC exchange programme. Bagi yg tak tahu lagi apa AIESEC, korang bolehla ke www.AIESEC.net dan baca kat sana macamana korang boleh manfaatkan masa cuti korang masa universiti (dan jugak lepas grad) dengan join AIESEC exchange programme di luar negara! =)
Harap korang enjoy baca. Sorry kalau English grammars ade tunggang langgang sikit. Tulis pun dalam train sambil travel. Hehe I


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